Day 198 / Dzień 198

Jewellery on Display / Biżuteria Na wystawie

Last week at one of the polish malls in display window I have found this brand of hand jewellery.

I'm not a great fan of anything like that however I really enjoyed the way the merchandising has been made. I went to look for it in malls in Manchester but I couldn't find it. I just think the design is so nice that photographing it could be real pleasure


W zeszłym tygodniu w jednym z okien wystawowych jednego z Polskich centrów handlowych zauważyłem taka biżuterię.

Nie jestem wielkim fanem blyskotek ale wygląd tego produktu jest naprawdę śliczny. Poszedłem poszukać go w Manchesterze ale niestety nie znalazłem sklepu, który oferowany ten produkt. Zależało mi na fotografowaniu tego produktu jak ze projek i wykonanie są naprawdę niesamowite wiec robienie zdjęć byłoby prawdziwa przyjemnością


Day 197 / Dzień 197 / Tag 197

New Facbook layout... 

It looks like FB team has started a trial on some randomly choose accounts to show how the new Facebook will look like. It reminds a lot a tablet version... kind of FB app.

 Where the last change of theme has appeared it caused a lot of comments and voices to raise with complains, disagrees etc., this one, on the other hand, seems much more delicate in terms of change. 

The main features remains! What's getting changed are graphics, sliding menu bar that is by default located on the left hand side and the general look and feel of the theme. 

Newest theme / Najnowszy wygląd / Neueste Thema
Current Default Theme / Obecny, domyślmy wygląd / Aktuelle Standard-Theme
Current bespoke theme / Obecny zmodyfikowany wygląd / Aktuelle maßgeschneiderte Thema

Theme seems to be working faster, feels bit more sleek and smooth. It is still Time-Line oriented so that's where not a lot of difference comes in place, to raise many voices. It has different fonts and in the News section all posts look much more professional, business orientated, with new type of form but richer in content then in current version

I have included two compersencence of same posts using New (on the left) and old (on the right) themes:
The first one is a time line post of a YouTube link. Layout change from horizontal into square is pretty obvious but there is a huge improvement on the presentation of the title and description. Now it looks like a proper news post a kind of a magazine style, instead of being just a "boring" post.

The second one is a link to a Facebook Fan Page - this is seriously something... I hope you can see the difference. For me it a huge WOW in the visual aspect, however I found very useful the previous version with description. I think that FB team should merge both options or add a tab with description in the new theme.

Other cool feature is, that insead of going throug the list who liked or shared your post you can find profile badges of people who did... thats kind of intresting... 

There isn't much change to the conversation / massage module and not too many to the other app's or groups look.

They still look the same but what's bad, they have removed the option to choose from images for the post thumbnail when you type in http link into a group. 

Another thing, I couldn't find Group's list access what seems to be frustrating as they as well as pages are listed on the left hand side menu without listing options... awhhhh!

At the end: The new Facebook theme is faster, more alive comparing to the current one. It also seems to be showing more to those who prefer use it for business or professional publishing. It has a lot of ideas taken from G+ or Instagram (the square thing). It has improved so for the effort I give them a solid C+. There is still not a lot of improvement in general, especially on the page side or groups, and they're some minor errors with deletion of usefull features. It might be as well that I couldn't find them but then if I can't maybe sombode else can't either... so if that's the case FB haven't improved a lot. This is a nice update and I think people will like and also definitely the right step for Facebook to develop with audience and social networking demands. Really nice!

Thank you for reading
Michal Dybowski

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