Day in the UK

Another Day in the UK...

 an here it is an interesting information that I've just found on LinkedIn where Alistair Hann showed how are the rents in London based while looking at the TUBE plan. Amazon way to understand your future commuting pattern and prices to expect to pay for a flat or a house

Rent map of London by Tube design
So if you are planning of moving to or relocating within Greater London... check this up :)

Wondering if somebody don such rent MAP for Greater Manchester I went to see what big brother images I could find there... and here it is:

Rent rates for Greater Manchester via Metrolink Map

 What's great there is also a map of the purchase prices! What I've found very interesting to understand in case of communication ability, Greater Manchester area is designed more over the Metrolink Tram network than bus services.
Properties Purchase prices for Greater Manchester via Metrolink Map
Digging deeper I have realised that there even is a detailed analytics provided of each and location and here is the link for that work.

So on the other hand if the Capital City seems to be to pricy for you or Maybe your are thinking of leaving your current location, let at these maps above prepare you for the forthcoming future. Enjoy the viewing.

Private Doctors Clinic Manchester
Private Doctors Clinic Manchester 

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