Lazienki Royal Garden in Warsaw

Last time I have visited this place, was back in the days when I used to attend the primary school in mid 80′s. I couldn’t recall anything about it…

The Lazienki Royal Garden is a famous for their unique ‘residents’ who are Peafowls (Pavo) is a large and brightly coloured bird (pheasant family).

Peafowl with full tail spread

Peafowls with full tail spread

Garden’s area is overseen by the Belweder Palace, from the Italian belvedere is a palace in Warsaw, a few kilometers south of the Royal Castle. The President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, resides at Belweder. The palace is also widely recognized as the namesake of Belvedere vodka; an image of the palace appears on the brands bottle.

I have taken some of the Royal Auditorium stage image

Royal Auditorium HDR

Royal Auditorium HDR

as well as some other common resident of the park, red squirrel called by polish – ‘BASIA’ and commonly named Cross Duck

Colorful Cross Duck Red Squirrel sits Red Squirrel eating nuts

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Michal Dybowski



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Black and White Re-Call

This is a short reminder of all B&W HDR images taken, Just a quick recap and few new pictures.

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Day 245 / Dzien 245

Seaside Park and dog walk. 


Spacer po parku w nadmorskiej miejscowości.

Tourist Baltic Seaside - Kolobrzeg City

Nadmorska miejscowość turystyczna - Miasto Kołobrzeg

Pierwszy skok spadochronowy w Tandemie - recenzja

Ciężko by coś dużo o tym napisać ... najlepiej obejrzeć jak się czuje człowiek po pierwszym skoku spadochronowym z 10'000 stóp taj 4 km ...