Day 252 / Dzień 252

The National Photography Symposium

Birmingham Library 

RedEye The Photography Network


Last weekend I've spent in @Birmingham at the #nps6 what is basically the National Photography Symposium. It's a RedEye Network for Photographers annual event, that gathers photographer, people related with art including artists, layers, journalists and others.

This years, although the form of it was much smaller then the last one I've been to back in Derby, program was very interesting to me as it has put a bigger picture of the entire industry.

There were some fantastic participants that was just so nice to meet as well as those who had made the content so viral, the speakers of course, who shared with us their stories and skills thought talks and workshops.

I managed to pull it few pictures of some of those I'll try put them here but please excuse as I might not have all the names.


However the main thing that I took away from these 3 days, is that I have finally understood what is the definite struggle for most of current photographers. They can find a way to adopt today's, capitalistic, consumption based, business model.

I found out that in the reality most of the artists and photographers they don't find themselves to be unique business entities and they still believe art is the only value they have.... I leave you there for a moment with this thought.

Being very enterpranouship since my primary school times, I find this very sad that people, are not willing to generate income from what they love to do.... or things they are doing for others as a service, that they can't value themselves...etc. But that's ok, not all people need to know how to do those things and, it will be my job to show them how to change their life to be able to stay, the creative artist, but now driving some income from their art and photography. Soon I'll post some more details as I think this is a must happen thing for me to be able to help those people!

Most interesting session that I found very educational is one of the last one's that was covering the copyright & intellectual property law. Also listening from Fiona Rogers about Mangnum and firecracker projects was amazing

Thank you very much for reading this brief description. To read more about what happened please use #nps6 for tracing all event details and please refer to RedEye's website as well as to special guest and speaker Christian Payne who has created during last day, at least a few intresting tweets :)

On the bad side of things I'll got late with my parking ticket extension at the car park where I've left my car for the entire 3 days and I've been given a fine of £25 :(((  I write about this later as the entire story seems to be interesting on its own...

Best regards
Michal Dybowski

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Images by courtesy of AllProPicture.com

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