For all those who knew him, Today he has been freed from this life form and is in his #dogheaven forever. Missing him so much but feeling so #peaceful with new hope ! #Arnik #boxerdog - Another mobile image


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Praca z lud藕mi...

Od paru ju偶 艂adnych tygodni staram si臋 znale藕膰 kogo艣 kto b臋dzie w stanie poprowadzi膰 wydawnictwo publicystyczne oparte na stronie internetowej oraz publikacji drukowanej.

Projekt zak艂ada zatrudnienie redaktora naczelnego i opracowanie mechanizm贸w wsp贸艂pracy z podmiotami prasowymi, mass mediami, organizacjami spo艂ecznymi itp... standardowa procedura za艂o偶enia gazety i firmy marketingowo - kolporterowej... 

Tymczasem zadanie to wydaje si臋 by膰 conajmniej karko艂omne jako 偶e potencjalny prospekt... du偶o m贸wi, a ma艂o pisze. I we藕 tu cz艂owieku b膮d藕 m膮dry...

Ten wpis nie ma na celu nic innego jak tylko zauwa偶enie pewnego braku organizacji kultury pracy w spo艂ecze艅stwie informacyjnym. Czy to na pewno w艂a艣ciwa osoba do tej roli ?

Takie tylko niedzielne przemy艣lenia... a tymczasem... fotka z innej beczki

Oko艅 morski podany z sezamem, bawol膮 mozarell膮 oraz rukol膮

Oj takie tam gadanie :) Pozdrawiam

dr Victoria Oldham
Polska Przychodnia Manchester Eccles

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Dzie艅 91216 / Day 91216

Oto zaskoczenie "pe艂n膮 g臋b膮" gdy偶... na stronie Tuningowej w UK zam贸wi膰 mo偶na wzmocniony system zawieszenia, filtry powietrza oraz oleju oraz ca艂y uk艂ad hamulcowy ko艂a do reliktowych ju偶 FSO 125p oraz Polonez贸w... czy偶 to nie jest cudne ?


Here is my jawbreaking moment because on the tuning website in the UK you may order sport suspensions kit, air and oil filters along with the braking wheel system for the polish relicts of motorisation FSO - 125p and Polonez... isn't that something ? (if you aren't polish rooted you might not feel the vibe... sorry, your loss) 

Polska Przychodnia Manchester Eccles
Polska Przychodnia Manchester


#staropolska already with #christmasdecorations but still serving traditional #polishkitchen Amazing #food ! - Another mobile image



As we have seen recently in the BBC article posted (link) regards the £8bn budget increase a year plan for the NHS services will cause more delays and more waiting times for all patients in England. 

That's the opinion being presented by Hospital bosses to 

As a private sector provider we always look at this as a way of trying to understand what could cause the problem in receiving more money? For us I believe it would do any harm. Why?

It seems that the NHS focused on Crisis Management patients instead of overall disease prevention. That's what I can see from being outside the NHS system and also seeing what patients are coming with to a private sector. They are looking mainly for regular screening and checkups and I'm certain that making these services more available to the general population can prepare patients for non-crisis operations and procedures with easy and significantly reduce overall souring costs. 

Private Doctors Manchester

Also increasing the amount of available general screenings would reduce the time to diagnose the patient within their local GP practice and therefore take those costs away from Hospital Units. 

It is a basic knowledge from point of view however I see they are trying to add to the pot that has now end... real waste of money unfortunately. 

Until then, places like Private Doctors Clinic will continue to provide self referred medical and dental services, including laboratory, blood, urine, stool, swabs testing for everybody who is laking basic screening and health disease prevention from NHS...

Pierwszy skok spadochronowy w Tandemie - recenzja

Ci臋偶ko by co艣 du偶o o tym napisa膰 ... najlepiej obejrze膰 jak si臋 czuje cz艂owiek po pierwszym skoku spadochronowym z 10'000 st贸p taj 4 km ...