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Seasons: Fall in Full…

So this is the time of the year where you can say… it’s cold and it looks like Fall…

Fall is a great season... colorful... here at AllProPicture.com we celebrate every season with images for you

Fall is a great season… colorful… here at AllProPicture.com we celebrate every season with images for you

This morning I found it it was really chill and even my dog forced me to run with her a lot, I wasn’t feeling to happy about the temperature outside at 6:00am

Sun's rising

Sun’s rising

But there is something very magical about this season… it’s full of color and so spread across lights from dark orange to bright blue. This is so awesome for me…

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A visit to Birmingham

It’s just one of these that you capture while you’re not thinking too much about it but you just simply enjoy the view…

And this how it it all happened here with this picture taken right of my iPhone while I was simply passing the corridor at my 8th floor of the Birmingham hotel… ( I forgot the name )

Birmingham in HDR

Birmingham in HDR

Let me know what do you think about it… I find it interesting how things been looking that day… but if you will consider this waste of time, please feel free to say so, coz worst thing is lack of any critique!

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Pierwszy skok spadochronowy w Tandemie - recenzja

Ciężko by coś dużo o tym napisać ... najlepiej obejrzeć jak się czuje człowiek po pierwszym skoku spadochronowym z 10'000 stóp taj 4 km ...