Day 146 / Dzień 146

Went fot workout but found so many interesting subjects / Poszedłem poćwiczyć a znalazłem tyle ciekawych obiektów

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Day 145 / Dzień 145

iPhone image manipulation is a common question... I've spend hundreds of hours looking for best workflow and the right apps to get it the way I wish to get my pictures to look

For all of you who like my feel of those images I post, that are made with iPhone, this is a little bit f before and after with workflow steps...

This series of images is call the PRISMS

The very first thing to keep in mind is to decide whether you like taking your shots i n standard, HDR or with flash mode. There are some reasons on certain images where you should wisely consider witch one to choose to make your image be already ahead of the game :)

For this particular shoot I used the iPhone 4, regular iOS build in photo app and settings set to fire the flash.

Flash was needed to get the nice sparks in the crystals as well and reflections on the ceiling. Framing in this shoot was set to get a kind of "Chemical Particle" feeling (if you know what I mean) because it remind me of my high-school chemistry lessons, drawing all different atoms of different substances. So basically only the standard shoot, no great settings to it

Firs step in Edition was to add my favourite HDR's style look that I'm ding using an app called Simply HDR. I find the type of look I need and this the first step. Then I modify all custom settings to match my expectations and then I move the image to next app if its necessary.

On this occasion I needed to blur the background to get more focus on the crystals only. To get that I've used app called TiltShiftGen. Adjusting the strength, shape of the lens blur I created the step on modification.

Unfortunately still to many details were recognisable in the background so I had to run the blur again. Still within the same app but this time to make it nicer in feel I've changed the shape of the blur. Thats the best part of the trick to get nice and crisp image where you only want it and  keep the rest hidden

And this is a final result from the starting point. The whole workflow takes between 1 to 3 minutes to complete.

Below is another image that was created using the same technique however while shooting it outdoors I shot it without flash but with HDR feature turned on on my iPhone 4 and there was an additional B/W filter applied at the end.

Any questions please feel free to send me an e-mail to pro@mnb-photography.eu, you can find me on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Keep well and I shall post here soon.


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Day 144 / Dzień 144

Olympic plaza in Glasgow / Plac Olimpijski w Glasgow


This Is My UK - Video Episode 9

(ENG) This video is about the new Canon lens. It's designed to be used with full frame camera bodies fitted with STM motor f/2.8 40mm lens. Have a nice watch. Got comments please feel free to leave :)
(PL) To materiał wideo o nowym obiektywie Canona. Został on zaprojektowany z myślą o pełno klatkowych korpusach aparatów, wyposażony w silnik STM a przesłona jaką dysponuje to f/2.8, ogniskowa tego obiektywu wynosi 40mm. Miłego oglądania. Macie komentarze? To zostawcie ja na blogu.
(Materiał w języku angielskim z możliwością włączenia napisów z automatycznym tłumaczeniem na język polski - działa jako tako )

Day 143 / Dzień 143

The best volleyball shoes I've ever had. And they are from my favourite brand... German ADIDAS

Just Tried out the new model of SPEEDCUT, volleyball shoes during summer indoor training session. And you know what... they are absolutely the best shoes I've ever had (I'm training and playing this sport for last 20 years). You can almost tell that those beauties can jump for you...


Najlepsze buty do siatkówki, które kiedykolwiek miałem. I są to buty od mojej ulubionej firmy... Niemieckiego ADIDASA

Właśnie ochrzciłem nowy model butów do siatkówki z serii SPEEDCUT, podczas wczorajszej sesji treningowej na hali. Wiecie co... są to zdecydowanie najlepsze buty jakie kiedykolwiek posiadałem (Trenuję i gram w ten sport przez ostatnie 20 lat). Można by powiedzieć że te piękne butki potrafią niemal skakać za ciebie...

Pierwszy skok spadochronowy w Tandemie - recenzja

Ciężko by coś dużo o tym napisać ... najlepiej obejrzeć jak się czuje człowiek po pierwszym skoku spadochronowym z 10'000 stóp taj 4 km ...