Day 174 / Dzień 174

One Of The funniest mans Shoes Design I've seen last couple weeks if not longer.

I'm not a great fan of fashion however these seemed very appealing even to my lack of style :)

I went to Glasgow's shopping centre where very unfortunate accident happen, with one of the display windows. Lovely spider net was surrounded by security men.

As soon as I picked my iPhone to grab this shot those folks started to yell, "no pictures, no pictures!!!" I understand privacy policy but this a bit mental even for me...

Anyway, after I headed to Scottish branch of TK Max that always stores and has so much more to offer than the Manchester ones... And at the men's shoes division at the very top of the shelve they were standing...

So cool !!! Luckily they were missing my size, otherwise I might had bought them ;) that could be an offence :/

...and that was the Sunday eve at Glasgow's Silverburn Shopping Centre

Motocyklowo po Polskiej wsi - krótki przejazd dla sprawdzenia po naprawie 2019

Polska Wieś okiem GP7 na motocyklu / Polish Country side seen by GP7 on the motorbike #motorcycle