Day 194 / Dzień 194

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Photography & Postproduction
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Day 193 / Dzień 193

Westminster from a distant. Thames view from a photo walk series of London by night. All post has been completed with iPhone using only 3 different applications.

Westminster z daleka. Widok na Tamizę z serii spacerów fotograficznych Londyn nocą. Zdjęcie zostało obrobione w ramach postprodukcji na smartfonie iPhone przy użyciu 3 rożnych aplikacji.

Photography & Postproduction
FindMePhotographer / MnB-Photography.eu


twelve to one

Another one from the London’s walk series.

This image I have managed to complete by exactly twelve different shots, however with only three exposures… -2/0/+2 ev…

The exact location of the image take is on the crossroad of St.Margaret’s Street and Bridge Street

Street Photography of Westminster at the Bridge Street and St. Mary's Street

Street Photography of Westminster at the Bridge Street and St. Mary’s Street

There wasn’t a lot of inspiration to this image when I have first started to take it but I was soooooo keeen to see all those blury characters and vehicles…

Good thing I had a tripod with me :D


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Motocyklowo po Polskiej wsi - krótki przejazd dla sprawdzenia po naprawie 2019

Polska Wieś okiem GP7 na motocyklu / Polish Country side seen by GP7 on the motorbike #motorcycle